KIERAN Tierney last night revealed he’s in agonising pain every waking minute because of his double hernia but will play in Saturday’s Scottish Cup final.

The 21-year-old Celtic star is to have an operation after the match against Hearts with Hampden when the left-back will put his battered body through torture one more time in a bid to seal the treble Treble.

Tierney has been training this week and unless there is a last-minute setback over the next few days, will take his place in the Celtic side to face Hearts, although there is no chance of him playing for Scotland in the upcoming European Championship qualifiers.

Asked how he was feeling after missing the last few matches, Tierney said: “I’m feeling like I’ve got a double hernia. It’s been absolute agony. But I know what I’ve got, I know there’s not much I can do until I get my op.

The Herald:

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“It’s just about guiding through it until then. I’m booked in for surgery a few days after the final. It will be good to get it resolved.

“The plan is to play 90 minutes and I’m hoping I can get through it. I won’t know until I’m in the game and I’ve played however long. But the plan is to play. I’ve trained the last few days, so I should be fine.”

Tierney has had more than his fair share of injuries over the last few seasons, including ankle ligament damage, but this is the one which has caused him most discomfort.

The Scotland international has known for a while that he would need an operation but a decision was made that if he could manage then hernia for a month, he would have at least a chance of making the cup final where Celtic could win their ninth medal out of nine.

Tierney admitted: “There’s pretty much pain all the time. It’s sore when I wake up, sore moving about. People say it gets a bit better once you’ve warmed up but I’ve yet to feel that way.

“It is what it is, I know what it is and I know how to deal with it and cope with it. I’ve trained the last few days, they’ve been full sessions and they’ve been hard sessions. That gives me confidence going into the game that I’ve done the two hardest sessions of the week.

The Herald:

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“I got told a few weeks ago, after the Aberdeen semi-final. I put forward if it would be the best to get the operation immediately. But they weren’t sure if it was possible to get the surgery so soon. So I was booked in for after the season.Since then I’ve just tried my best to train and play when I can.”

Tierney insisted he would pull out the squad if he felt his fitness would hinder his team on the day.

He said: “All day long I’ll be honest with everyone about my fitness. It’s why I didn’t play the Rangers game.

“It was the same scenario.

“A couple of weeks rest doesn’t help the hernia, but it helps you.

“Training a good week going into the game gives me the best possible chance of being as ready for the Cup final as I can be.”