THERE have been quite a few memorable Celtic and Rangers kits through the years. While the home strips rarely vary too much, the away outfits change year after year; some prove to be very popular, while others aren't remembered too fondly.

We've decided to try and settle the debate over the two Glasgow clubs' greatest tops, and we need your help to do so. We've picked out sixteen strips for both Celtic and Rangers and over the next three weeks we'll be putting them head-to-head in a public vote. We're only including away or third kits in the vote, as these tendy to vary more than the home strips.

Whichever strip gets the most votes each day will progress to the next round, and the less-popular top will be eliminated. Each day there will be one Celtic kit and one Rangers kit, and voting will run from 8am to 8pm.

The voting will start later today and by 8pm one kit will be through to the next round, and the other will be eliminated. We'll then do the same thing daily until we can name one particular year's strip to be the Greatest Kit. Stay tuned for the results, and get involved!