SCOTTISH football history is littered with players whose comparisons to world-class stars has acted like a millstone around their necks. Stevie Fulton never quite reached the level of Roberto Baggio. John Fleck may have made the English Premier League, but he won’t leave as indelible a mark on the division as Wayne Rooney did.

So, it is always wise to treat such predictions of potential greatness with a pinch of salt. But when Christopher Jullien contemplated whether his teammate Odsonne Edouard could reach the level of Kylian Mbappe, he was serious about the prospect.

It’s not that the players are similar in style, with Edouard lacking the electric pace that marked Mbappe out as a genuine superstar in his mid-teens, but Jullien believes that his complete skill-set marks him out as someone who is destined for the very top.

When asked if Edouard could reach the same sort of level as Mbappe, Jullien said: “I think so, yes. “I’ve played against a lot of strikers and I have definitely not met many who are complete like Odsonne.

“He is quick, skilful and powerful. Sometimes there are really powerful players who are not so skilful. he is a complete striker and he can compete against a lot of strikers.

“He is a striker who can really do anything. He is really good with the ball, he has improved his ability to keep the ball in front of the defender, he is stronger and that is really good for us.

“He is on his way to being, for me, the bets striker in our league. He is going to show that in European games too.

“Sometimes when you are a defender the striker is always with you but Odsonne can go everywhere. He can drop deep, play a little bit with the midfielders and sometimes have contact with them. As a defender it can be hard when the striker is getting away from you, it’s like he disappears from you.

“Then he might come back, dribbling from another part of the field. It’s a really difficult.”

Perhaps the more obvious comparison to draw against Edouard is between that and his predecessor at Celtic, Moussa Dembele.

“I played against Dembele last season,” he said. “They are different. Dembele is more a real No.9.

“I think Odsonne can be that No.9 who can just move everywhere. That is so good for our team because we have a lot of players who play with the ball.

“He is different to Dembele, but they are both unbelievable.”

Jullien feels that he is starting to get back to his best after a spell of acclimatisation following his summer move to Celtic, and he is desperate to settle the score from the one disappointment he has suffered since coming to Glasgow.

He didn’t play in the Champions League qualifying defeat to Cluj as he was short of full fitness, but there is no doubt that revenge is on his mind when the Romanians come calling again on Thursday night.

“They came to our house and beat us,” he said.

“Whenever a team comes here and does that it’s going to remain in the corner of our minds.

“We know the Champions League was a big goal for the club, it was a mis-step for us in that game.

“It was hard for us. They celebrated, they enjoyed their victory in our house and we were mad after that. For sure it’s going to be a revenge game.

“I wasn’t with all my team-mates at the time of the draw but in the locker-room we were pretty confident because we know the quality we have here.

“We didn’t point the finger specifically at Cluj because we know Rennes and Lazio are good teams too. We just laughed a little bit. ‘We’re going to see them again!’ We are ready for that challenge.

“They showed they are a good team by beating Lazio. The Europa League is a tough competition. “Every team in this competition fights for everything. The result was a little bit of a surprise, but we know Cluj are a good team.

“We are going to be ready, but we have to be focused on what we have to do. We will prepare well I’m sure.

“It was a crazy game for sure, we had a lot of opportunities to win. Of course, like every player, you don’t like to be left out. It was the choice of the coach. In that moment he decided I was not ready and not fit enough.

“I told him I totally agreed with his decision and I’m sure the team he chose was the best to go out and compete.

“We just came up short but we know what we have in front of us and I’m sure we are going to be ready.”