Andy Murray yesterday revealed the name of his new-born son for the first time but admitted being at home with the kids has one downside – putting on weight.

The Scot took almost two weeks off after winning the title in Antwerp in October, which proved to be perfect timing as he and his wife Kim welcomed their third child, named Teddy.

But after putting his rackets away for a couple of weeks, Murray found that his liking for snacks was not exactly helping his waistline.

“I didn’t do anything for 12 days, literally nothing,” Murray said in London yesterday. “I got up to my heaviest weight in my career probably.

“Evenings were the issue, when the newborn has been going to bed at 7pm and sleeping for a three-hour period. My wife would sleep upstairs and get a period of good sleep in before the baby would wake up.

"I’d be on my own downstairs and (it was) chocolate biscuits and stuff.

“There was Hallowe'en and my second daughter’s birthday party, then also my sister-in-law had a birthday, so there was lots of cake. Junk and no training is not a good combination. I was 88.5 kilos and I’m usually 84.”

Having resumed training, Murray shed the weight quickly and looked trim as he launched his new range of Castore clothing at their store on London’s Kings Road.

Asked if he was worried that, when he eventually hangs up his rackets, his weight might be an issue, Murray said he had one aim.

“He’ll probably kill me for saying this but I always said I don’t want to end up with what happened to Ivan (Lendl, his former coach),” he said.

“I know if you put that in your papers I know I’ll get a message from him tomorrow. When he was playing he was in great shape and very thin. And when he stopped things went south so I need to avoid that.”

Antwerp was Murray’s first tournament victory since he returned this summer following a hip resurfacing operation, an amazing comeback from surgery that no one, especially Murray himself, knew would be successful.

After some early success in doubles, it took time for Murray to find his game and build his fitness but four straight weeks of tournaments, first in Asia and then in Antwerp, seemed to do the trick.

After suffering a sore elbow towards the end of the four-week run, Murray said he was looking forward to returning to court next week when he leads Great Britain in the revamped Davis Cup in Madrid.

“I’m excited and intrigued to see what it’ll be like with the new format,” said Murray, who will be joined by Dan Evans, Kyle Edmund and Jamie Murray and Neal Skupski in the squad, with group matches against Netherlands and Kazakhstan.

“I’m going to miss the atmosphere because I don’t think the atmosphere’s going to be the same as some of the home ties or the away ties that I played. The atmosphere (when you play away) is tough but they are atmospheres that, when I finish playing, I (will) remember, like the Belgian final and my first Davis Cup in Israel.

"I’m going to miss that.”

“But I love being around the team and I’m excited to see what the new format looks like and I hope the atmosphere is brilliant."

Once the Davis Cup is out of the way, Murray will have some more time off before heading to the United States for a training bloc, though it will be shorter than in previous years.

“Usually I’d have gone three to four weeks, so just reducing that a little bit and spending a little more time at home over Christmas which would be nice.”

Looking further ahead, Murray said he was excited to test out his fitness in Australia, 12 months after it seemed as if he may have played his last match.

“I’m not worried from the hip’s perspective as I’ve had zero issues with it so far. So I don’t anticipate that playing an extra 45 minutes or an hour will be bad for my hip,” he said, of five-set matches.

“The rest of my body, how that responds, I’ll see when I’m out there. My physio has always been more positive about me playing grand slams and playing a tournament when you play five days in a row.

"She loves the fact there’s a day off to rest and actually recover and your body gets a chance to rest up before the next match.”