GARY MCALLISTER admits Steven Davis is even better than he initially thought as he backed the midfielder to play for years to come.

The Northern Irishman has been a standout performer for Rangers this season.

And Ibrox assistant McAllister has been hugely impressed with Davis’ form.

McAllister said: “He’s a top player, somebody that I have really enjoyed working alongside. He’s a player I’ve known for a long time and my eye is always drawn to the middle of the park.

“He’s a far better player than I thought he was and I rated him highly as somebody watching from afar but now that I am working with him he’s a far finer player.

Looking at his body, he’s in far better condition than I was at that age. As you get older you gather more knowledge and sometimes you think back and wish if only you knew then what you know now. Steven is probably one of those guys.

“I can see he’s super fit and he has obviously benefited from some of the things that have moved forward from the times since I was playing, such as sports science and diets. It’s moving rapidly as we speak and he will benefit from that. I can see him playing way into his thirties, definitely.

“His body is going to allow that, I’m sure. He needs a wee bit of luck in terms of steering clear of serious injury, but when you’re super fit that tends to happen.”