Much has been written about Scottish teams in Europe this year, with Celtic and Rangers making waves across the Europa League.

While Aberdeen and Kilmarnock may have added a small amount to the national pot, runs to the last 32 of the Europa League from the Glasgow sides have boosted Scotland’s overall standing in the UEFA coefficient ranking.

Although many column inches have been dedicated to Scotland’s national coefficient and the quest for the automatic Champions League qualification spot, Rangers have also bolstered their own club coefficient ranking moving from 112th to 95th in 2021 in the UEFA 5-year Club rankings as it stands. 

HeraldScotland: Rangers had a host of impressive away performances.Rangers had a host of impressive away performances.

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Club coefficient is based on the results of clubs competing in the five previous seasons of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. The rankings determine the seeding of each club in relevant UEFA competition draws. The coefficient obtained by Rangers this season is effectively tallied with the results of the previous four seasons to calculate the coefficient.

If European football was to stop tomorrow, Rangers would go into the 2021 rankings with a total of 12.250 coefficient points. This would see Rangers rise from 112th in the UEFA rankings to 95th. With games still to play, this could improve further.

Rangers have gained an impressive 7.00 points so far, the same as AS Roma, Club Brugge and Olympiakos this season, with the Ibrox side securing famous wins over Porto and Feyenoord on their way to the latter stages of the Europa League. And while the wins have been a boost for Rangers in terms of finance and their own goals, it has also aided their future European aspirations.


But why does it matter I hear you ask? Well, UEFA’s rankings are used to rank individual clubs, for seeding in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League as well as the UEFA Europa Conference League, which will be introduced next season. 

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Take Rangers in Europe last season. The club was drawn in an exceptionally tough group, entering the draw in Pot 4 of the Europa League. Last season, the Rangers club coefficient was 5.250, however, as it currently stands their coefficient for next season would be 12.250 - which when applied to last seasons Europa League, would have seen Rangers enter in pot 3 rather than the final team to enter the group. 

And if Rangers can continue to add to their coefficient total, they will continue to rise up the rankings. In 2021, the 15/16 entry of ‘nul points’ will drop off and be replaced by the amount the club secures in Europe during the 2020/21, season contributing to their 2022 ranking. 

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As seen in applying a rise in coefficient rankings to last season, continued impact in Europe could also bolster their seeding for either the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League, if Rangers are to qualify next season.

Furthermore, every point gained by Rangers is also contributing to the national coefficient which could see more Scottish teams in Europe and an easier qualification route in the future and potentially provide an easier route for Scottish teams to the European top table.