NEIL LENNON says that Celtic and Rangers are under more scrutiny than other clubs when it comes to the SFA disciplinary procedure due to a ‘trial by TV’, as he echoed the calls from his Ibrox rivals for more consistency across the board.

The Celtic manager says there is confusion around how the disciplinary system operates these days, which was heightened in his own case by the citation of his striker for simulation recently, a charge which was ultimately deemed not proven on appeal.

But he says that it is unfair that Celtic and Rangers players seem to be disproportionately charged retrospectively for alleged offences due to the high profile nature of their matches.

“To be honest I don’t really know how the system works these days,” Lennon said.

“You get three referees to look at incidents and then say ‘yeah this needs to be looked at’ or ‘that needs to be looked at’.

“I don’t have an opinion on the Rangers issue [when Kemar Roofe was charged for a tackle on St Johnstone’s Murray Davidson], I had an opinion on Ajeti’s which we felt was folly from our point of view. It proved to be not proven which was always the case, we felt. It certainly wasn’t simulation.

“I think we are really high profile, the two clubs, and our lot seem to get scrutinised a lot more than other teams.

“It is the trial by TV. In the main maybe they get the majority of decisions right and I think they got Ajeti’s right [in the end]. I’m not going to comment on the Roofe one because it’s not my place but in the main I think they get them right.

“People will say that we get away with a lot. And others will say we get punished a lot. I think the point Rangers are trying to make is that it has to be consistent for all the clubs and not just the big two.”