THE message from Steven Gerrard has changed through time and achievement. Those same factors have seen him evolve and improve and the rookie manager is now a champion.

It all started with a ‘let’s go’. That became ‘let’s go again’ and now it is ‘let’s go for more’.

At each stage, it has been said with a determination and passion by Gerrard and the next 12 months will determine if he can deliver on another ambition, having already won the cherished a sought-after 55th Premiership title.

HeraldScotland: 04/05/18. IBROX - GLASGOW. The new Rangers manager Steven Gerrard.

By that stage, he will be closing in on his fourth anniversary as Rangers manager and his legacy may well be enhanced once again. As it stands, the man that is a legend in Liverpool in a God in Glasgow.

It was on May 4, 2018 that Gerrard was appointed at Ibrox and next Tuesday will mark the moment that changed the course of Scottish football history.

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The anniversary will be noted, but the celebrations that follow later in the month are the ones that really matter as Rangers are crowned as Premiership champions.

That was the ambition that Gerrard had when he famously ended his first press conference with that message of ‘let’s go’.

HeraldScotland: Steven Gerrard is unveiled as the new manager of Rangers

Three years on, he has come good on his vow to be the man to bring success back to a support that had been starved of it.

His answers beforehand had been straight and honest as the occasion was taken in his stride and that final one saw a catchphrase born.

Gerrard was at Ibrox to win matches and titles rather than sell season tickets and create marketing slogans, though, and it has taken until this term for him to earn a medal that will mean much to him.

The crowds that gathered at Ibrox on that May afternoon were indicative of the excitement that was coursing through the fanbase.

HeraldScotland: 04/05/18. IBROX - GLASGOW. Steven Gerrard is unveiled as the new Rangers manager.

The stadium hadn’t witnessed such scenes since the signing of Paul Gascoigne in 1995 and the reception that Gerrard received would have given him an insight into just what he had signed up for.

At his press conference in the Blue Room, he was cool, calm and collected. As he walked along the track in front of the Enclosures, it was clear to see there was a buzz about him and a visceral roar was let out before he headed back up the tunnel to get down to work.

He would have to field questions about returning to Liverpool on day one, but he knew better than anyone present that the dream job would only come about if he didn’t endure a nightmare at Ibrox.

There have been tough times along the road to success in the three years since, but Gerrard remains on course in his own journey after helping Rangers complete ‘The Journey’.

He may well return to Anfield one day, but he has unfinished business at Ibrox for now.

It was towards the end of that first campaign in charge that Gerrard would state ‘let’s go again’ as he reflected on the progress made but the disappointments suffered.

He had taken Rangers into the group stage of the Europa League and ended their Old Firm hoodoo, yet defeats to Aberdeen in the cup competitions and a faltering run in the second half of the campaign had ensured there would be no title at the first attempt.

Gerrard had arrived in Glasgow to observations around his lack of managerial know-how but the staff that he brought with him would help him on every day of his service.

He is the headline name, but he is not an overbearing figure and there is no sense that he thinks he knows it all purely because of his reputation earned and experiences gained as a player.

That insight has allowed Gerrard to raise the bar at Ibrox and Auchenhowie.

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There is a more professional feel around the club three years on, while the changes to the fabric of the respective buildings have created an elite environment and a no excuses culture.

The first two seasons would bring some memorable and satisfying moments as Old Firm games were won and Rangers’ reputation was restored on the continent as a result of two fine campaigns in the Europa League.

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It is only now that Rangers are truly reaping the rewards of his efforts and the joy of one triumph envelopes the despair of previous failures.

Gerrard’s impact on the park was transformative as a squad that was short on quality and low on confidence was overhauled and moulded into one which would eventually deliver the Premiership title.

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He had been promised time before he signed up for the challenge and he was given that backing, even in the most trying of circumstances.

Losing to Hearts as Rangers were eliminated from the Scottish Cup and then Hamilton a few days later put Gerrard and his players at the centre of a storm. Those times were amongst the most challenging and serious of his tenure.

In many ways, they were also the most beneficial. As Covid halted the season and changed the world, Rangers were forced into a period of self-assessment and self-critique and those lessons learned have proven to be invaluable as 55 has now been delivered.

HeraldScotland: Steven Gerrard celebrates through the window

It is that achievement that allowed Gerrard to state ‘let’s go for more’ and that is the ambition now for a man that has re-energised a support and revamped a club.

He acknowledged that one trophy out of nine wasn’t good enough in the aftermath of the defeat to St Johnstone last weekend and the feat of an unbeaten league campaign, whilst it would be notable, won’t diminish the frustration amongst staff or supporters.

In many ways, the fact that the sense of disappointment was as defined proves just how far Rangers have come under Gerrard.

The title has always been the be-all and end-all, but standards and demands are now at a level where Rangers must become serial winners once again.

This has not been third time lucky for Gerrard. His success has been more evolution than revolution and the next three years of his contract provide fresh challenges and opportunities as he seeks to leave a lasting legacy at Ibrox.

From day one, Gerrard’s messages have been powerful. His actions and his successes ultimately speak louder than words.