Barry Ferguson has slapped down critics of Rangers' transfer window, insisting Steven Gerrard has answered his doubters after last week's derby win.

The former Ibrox midfielder says he'd heard it all when fans bemoaned their club's deadline day lack of business.

Critics also warned that the Light Blues could not play in front of a capacity crowd following some poor results against Dundee Utd and Malmo in the Champions League.

But again Ferguson laughed it off and told the Daily Record that he reckons his old club will be ruthless come the end of the campaign. "Rangers transfer window a failure? You’re having a laugh," Ferguson blasted.

“I’ve heard that accusation being thrown at the club simply because they never made a big sale but these are the same folk who claimed Steven Gerrard ’s side couldn’t perform in front of a crowd.

“Sunday’s derby win categorically put that one to bed. And I’m confident they’ll get the same ruthless response to their claims this window has been a disaster come the end of the season.”

Ferguson also warned signing John Lundstram to pull himself up by his boot straps to avoid being tagged a FLOP.

He added: "On the flip side of keeping the squad intact, six new signings were made and it’s been a sticky start for them. I have seen enough of John Lundstram at Sheffield United to know he’s capable of being a right good player up here.

"But he’s going to have to go some to break into the strongest area of the team. He needs to get the head down, work hard and get to grips with the pressure. No disrespect to Sheffield United, who were great for a year in the Premier League then had a difficult time last season, it’s nothing like what he’s now experiencing."