CRISTIANO RONALDO’S car has been involved in an accident on the island of Majorca. 

Police are now investigating the incident, which involved the Manchester United hero’s £1.7million Bugatti Veyron. 

Reports suggest that the driver during the accident was not Ronaldo, but the car veered into a wall in Bunyola, Palma de Majorca. 



Meanwhile, former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has urged Marcus Rashford not to try to copy Ronaldo. 

Instead, the Frenchman believes Rashford should take inspiration from some of United’s youngsters in order to revitalise his game. 

Rashford endured a frustrating season for United, netting just five times and losing his place in the England squad. 

Having five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo alongside him in the ranks might make the place to seek motivation seem obvious, but Saha would advise the 24-year-old differently. 

“I think he’s a terrific player, I love him,” Saha told the PA news agency. “I don’t really understand why this happened because this guy has got it all. 

“He’s got all the quality, he’s got speed, he’s got arrogance, dribbling and can score goals. 

“He needs to come back to basics and, it is strange what I’m going to say, but maybe not copy Cristiano Ronaldo, copy some of the other team-mates who are young. 

“You need get back to the young Rashford, having that simplicity in his game and running players, not thinking about whatever the status that he had or he has been given by the press or his entourage. He has suffered a lot from that.”