SKY and the Scottish Professional Football League are reportedly discussing a new 60-match TV deal - with a pay-per-view bonus for clubs.

It's claimed the broadcaster is in talks over extending rights for Scottish Premiership coverage to 2029 with increased payments of £29.5million.

The Guardian report discussions are ongoing between the parties with a deal close.

Sky would continue with the current 48-match limit for the next two seasons priced at £25.7m and £26.7m.

The proposed deal would then see Sky entitled to broadcast 60 matches a season from the 2024/25 campaign for £26.7m with a £2m increase for the following four seasons.

The broadcaster would also hold the option to increase broadcast matches in 10-game bundles for an additional £4m payment.

The 60-match limit would also allow for Sky to cover matches at each top-flight club's stadium five times per season as opposed to the current four.

Also included in the new talks is the possibility to allow Scottish clubs to sell five matches on club pay-per-view per season.

Clubs would be allowed to sell matches to fans on club channels should the match not be chosen for Sky coverage AND fall outside the UK blackout period of 2.45pm to 5.15pm on a Saturday.