Gianni Infantino has been criticised for appearing to take a selfie at Pelé's coffin. 

The FIFA president attended the beloved footballer's funeral in Brazil on Tuesday, and appeared to take the picture near the three-time World Cup winner's open casket. 

The man recognised as one of the greatest players of all time died on December 29, having suffered multiple organ failure as a complication of colon cancer. 

Pelé's funeral, which took place in Santos, saw his body displayed in an open coffin that was draped in the flags of Brazil and Santos FC. On a day of mourning for the country, thousands took to the streets in order to pay their respects. 

The Herald: The FIFA president has been accused of 'indignity' after appearing to take a selfie at Pelé's coffin. The FIFA president has been accused of 'indignity' after appearing to take a selfie at Pelé's coffin. (Image: AP Photo/Andre Penner)

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Infantino has received widespread criticism after appearing to pose next to the open casket alongside other attendees, one of whom is believed to be Pelé's sister. 

"What indignity, what shame", tweeted Swiss journalist Arnaud Bédat. 

It was not Infantino's only controversial moment in Santos. Speaking to local reporters, he invited ridicule by saying: "we're going to ask every country in the world to name one of their football stadiums with the name of Pelé."

Also in attendance at the funeral were Supreme Court justice Gilmar Mendes and the governor of São Paulo state, Tarcísio de Freitas. President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was sworn in on January 1, was expected to attend on Tuesday. Following Pelé's death at the age of 82, Lula said: "few Brazilians took the name of our country as far as he did."

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American president Joe Biden tweeted: "For a sport that brings the world together like no other, Pelé’s rise from humble beginnings to soccer legend is a story of what is possible", while current Brazilian striker Neymar said on Instagram: "I would say before Pele football was just a sport. Pele has changed it all.

The Herald: Pele celebrates winning the 1970 World Cup in MexicoPele celebrates winning the 1970 World Cup in Mexico (Image: Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)

“He turned football into art, into entertainment. He gave voice to the poor, to the blacks and especially he gave visibility to Brazil.

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"Soccer and Brazil have raised their status thanks to the King! He’s gone but his magic remains. Pele is FOREVER!"

Pele's first World Cup triumph came at the age of 17 with Brazil in 1958, with further success following in 1962 and 1970.