Scottish FA chief executive Ian Maxwell insists VAR is working but admits "teething problems" remain with the controversial technology.

The Hampden chief has defended the use of VAR in the Scottish Premiership and insists work is ongoing to improve the tech after implementation in October.

It comes after Malky Mackay blasted VAR calls in Ross County's loss to Celtic as he suggested it could lead to people losing their jobs.

But Maxwell - who cited the short period since the introduction of VAR in Scotland - has vowed to continue working to improve the system.

“The technology is working, there’s no doubt about that,” Maxwell told STV. “Refereeing has always been controversial. There is always subjectivity around decisions and that’s continuing.

“We’re not saying it has been perfect to date, and we’re obviously working as hard as we can to try and improve that.

“I think it’s worth recognising that we’re only five or six months into VAR and there are countries that have had it a lot longer than us that are still seeing issues.

“We want it to be as smooth and straightforward as possible and we’re working hard as we can to achieve that.”

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When quizzed on his response to Mackay's concerns over the impact of VAR, Maxwell said: “We want decisions to be right. The reason for implementing VAR was to increase the number of decisions that we’re making on the pitch.

“There obviously have been teething problems but that’s part of implementation and part of a bedding-in process. We want to ensure that as many decisions are being made on the pitch as we can.”

Mackay had said on Sunday: “I’ve looked at the penalty about half a dozen times and I cannot believe that’s where the bar is set with VAR right now.

“Two players go for the ball bravely with their heads. Carter-Vickers and Alex Iacovitti both throw their heads at it and the ball goes between their heads and it hits Alex on the back of his arm. It’s ball to arm.

“Someone is going to have to explain to me how you jump for a ball in the box and have your arms at your side. Physically, it can’t happen. I’m looking at where the bar is set in England and where it’s set in Scotland and right now we’re not where they are.

“Clubs are paying for this. I look at standards right now and there are mistakes all over the place. It’s costing. It’s going to cost jobs, it’s going to cost clubs promotion, relegation, Europe, whatever you want to call it. I was really disappointed with that, intervening like that.”