Sky Sports have apologised to the Scottish FA after Andy Walker's controversial VAR claims.

The pundit and co-commentator said that he had overheard a VAR assistant telling the referee "the easiest way out" of a call was "if it was offside".

Walker did not name the officials or clubs involved in the incident.

It's understood Walker and his Sky Sports colleagues could hear discussions between VAR officials at Clydesdale House but not the referee's response.

A report had suggested Walker's comments had irked the Scottish Football Referees Association with a fear upset could lead to Sky's feed of the VAR system being cut.

Now, Sky Sports have issued a response to the matter offering an apology to the Scottish FA and insisting Walker has "admitted his regret" over his remarks.

A spokesperson for Sky Sports said: "Sky Sports has discussed the matter internally and provided the Scottish FA assurances with regard to permitted use of the VAR audio.

"Andy Walker has also admitted his regret over his comments and how they have been reported by the podcast company who invited him to their show.

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“We apologise to our colleagues at the Scottish FA with whom we have a strong relationship, and look forward to continuing to provide exclusive live coverage of the Scottish Premiership.”

Walker had told NewsSlotsKlosh: “Working with Sky I have the option of listening to VAR.

“To be absolutely clear I hear the video assistant referee – not the referee on the pitch.

"I have a concern.

"I won’t mention any names and I won’t name the teams involved but there was an instance where a couple of things happened in the space of a second or two.

“And I heard the VAR say ‘the easiest way out of this, is if it’s offside’.

"That to me is really poor language. There should be no idea that we get an easy way out.

"You have to look at what’s happening on the pitch and apply the laws of the game – don’t look for the easy way out."