Refereeing body PGMOL (Professional Game Match Officials Limited) will investigate the heated flashpoint between Scotland captain Andy Robertson and linesman Constantine Hatzidakis.

At half time of the 2-2 draw between Liverpool and Arsenal furious scenes erupted when Robertson appeared to be elbowed by the official.

Sky Sports cameras captured the jaw-dropping incident at the break with Robertson and his team-mates stunned by the scenario.

Robertson was visibly raging as he left the field at the break and allegedly complained of being "elbowed in the throat" by the linesman at Anfield.

Now, PGMOL has confirmed an investigation into the incident will take place with a full review planned.

A statement from the refereeing body read: “The PGMOL is aware of an incident involving assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis and Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson at half-time during the Liverpool v Arsenal fixture at Anfield.

“We will review the matter in full once the game has concluded.”

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp suggested he didn't catch the incident in real-time but was confident replays clearly highlight the flashpoint.

He said: "I heard the pictures speak for themselves. I cannot say more. I didn’t see a bit of it.”

Robertson reportedly told Sky Sports Geoff Shreeves he had been elbowed as he returned to the dressing room at half time.

The reporter explained: "Well, when they came into the tunnel at half-time I can tell you that Andy Robertson was absolutely apoplectic.

"He was stunned even. He said 'he has just elbowed me in the throat, the linesman. The linesman has elbowed me in the throat'.

"Jordan Henderson the Liverpool captain was well aware of it, he led the demonstrations with referee Paul Tierney.

"After that they got taken away. Extraordinary scenes."

Gary Neville commented: “I’ve never seen an official raise an elbow to a player. I think he’ll be in a lot of trouble after this game ends.”

But Roy Keane took aim at Robertson over the incredible incident as he branded the Scotland captain a "big baby".

“Does Robertson grab the linesman first?" he said. "I’m not sure but Robertson’s then complaining.

“He should be more worried about his defending. Do you know what he is, that Robertson? I’ve watched him a number of times, he is a big baby, that’s what that guy is.

“Just get on with the game and concentrate on your defending. He does grab the linesman first.”

Micah Richards added: “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.”