IT is on the pitch where Todd Cantwell must do his talking and where he will be judged by the Ibrox crowd. He will, though, continue to speak his mind off the park as well.

The Englishman has been a welcome addition to Rangers in more ways than one following his move from Norwich City. He has brought an energy and guile to Michael Beale's side and is an open, interesting character when asked to conduct media duties.

His use of social media allows supporters an insight into what his life is like in Glasgow. In an age where many can choose to put up barriers and block out the noise, Cantwell's approach - he is prominent on both Twitter and Instagram - should be welcomed as fans get the chance to interact with him in different ways.

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The line, especially at a club like Rangers and in a city like Glasgow, can often be a fine one, however. Cantwell found that out following the Old Firm defeat at Parkhead and was on the wrong end of a Twitter pile-on following his comment that 'we lost the game they didn’t win it.'

That statement was followed by a call to ' stick together and build in the right direction' and that was the main crux of the point he was trying to make. Such a reaction would deter many players but Cantwell will continue to communicate when he feels the moment and the message is right.

"For context, it was more about our mistakes that it felt like we gave them the win," Cantwell said. "I think that was quite obvious.

"It is easy for people on Twitter to have their fun with what I really meant by it. Listen, the fans were obviously disappointed with the result, as we were, so for me as a player, I wanted to make sure that I look on side and not a ‘we didn’t win so I won’t say anything’ type of attitude. Win, lose or draw, I think you should always interact with the fans, for sure.

"The game itself, we felt that we were playing well and we did give some easy goals away so it was frustrating. That was the context that I meant by that. In general, I think we have had a good reaction since.

"That sort of stuff really doesn’t faze me. It doesn’t bother me at all. I know it is easy to sit here and say but if it really bothered me, I wouldn’t have posted it in the first place.

The Herald: Todd Cantwell

"Listen, social media is an interesting place. There is a lot of people that make a living off quoting bits and pieces. If you don’t say anything you are hiding, you are not interested.

"If you do say something it is the wrong thing to say. It is an interesting place to be honest."

That 'interesting place' statement could be used to describe Scottish football. It is, after all, a unique environment, but it is one that Cantwell has not been perturbed by in his first months here.

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His second goal for Beale's side came against St Mirren last weekend. On the same afternoon, he picked up the fourth caution of his Rangers career.

Beale admitted he 'didn’t know Todd Cantwell could get bookings' after watching the playmaker for Norwich in recent seasons. The situation will be a 'nice surprise' for him according to Beale and the man himself handled a handful of questions on referees with careful consideration as he pointed to consistency as the main perquisite for all involved.

"Yes, it feels that way," Cantwell said when asked if it feels like games are refereed differently in Scotland compared to England. "I have to be very careful in what I say but it does feel that way.

"But it’s not easy to be a referee, let’s be honest. It’s not easy to be an official.

"If the decision goes against you then you are fuming and if it goes for you then you are happy. I think all players and managers can ask for is consistency.

"If a decision is wrong and it leads to the game changing then that’s where the anger comes from because it can decide more than the game itself. It can be the league table and stuff like that. We just want consistency."

The changes that Cantwell has noticed in terms of how officials are handling matches are now in his mind. There is an art to tackling and the 25-year-old has perhaps surprised many supporters with his eagerness to get involved in that side of the game as he continues to grow as a creative influence.

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Both of those traits will be required at Pittodrie on Sunday afternoon. Meetings with Aberdeen are always combative, feisty affairs but Beale will hope the quality of play from his side will be deciding factor against the Dons.

"As a Rangers player you have to have the mentality that nobody really wants to play you," Cantwell said. "And when they do it’s some sort of rivalry.

The Herald: Rangers Todd Cantwell (centre right) and Dundee Utd's Aziz Behich (centre left) clash during the cinch Premiership match

"But for me it’s a compliment that every team sees you as a rival. They don’t really want to play you. That’s the way I look at it.

"Listen, I don’t believe in hatred in football. I think it’s silly.

"But rivalries are healthy because it means there is competition and people want to win games. I think it’s another game we can enjoy and try to turn our form on."

Cantwell played down any correlation between what will unfold against Aberdeen and how the semi-final with Celtic will go next weekend. The challenges and the occasions are very different for Rangers.

The Premiership title race is done and dusted but the remaining fixtures are not irrelevant. In terms of significance, the Old Firm showdown at Hampden cannot be understated.

"I think the question of what is still to play for is a bit of a silly one," Cantwell said. "As players, as staff and as a football club, we have got a lot to play for because we play for Rangers Football Club.

"Every game is important. We have got a semi-final to look forward to, the rest of the league to finish strong and build into next season."

Cantwell will be an integral part of the Beale blueprint next term. He has already shown what he can bring to the side and the first impressions have been positive as supporters have been left encouraged by the potential the midfielder has shown.

He has quickly formed a bond with those in the stands. After scoring his first Ibrox goal last weekend, a video emerged on TikTok of Cantwell meeting a young supporter that copied his 'Griddy' celebration and he spoke of the importance of the moment in terms of inspiring the next generation of fans.

Those moves will not become Cantwell's trademark. He does, though, hope he will have many more good times to savour with the punters going forward.

"It’s been amazing," Cantwell said. "It’s been so organic as well. I’ve played the way I want to play and I’ve worked the way I want to work.

"It’s fantastic to have that feeling that the fans like you and they want you to be in their team. It’s powerful as a player to have that connection. It’s definitely special about Rangers.

"Every player wants to be involved in those kind of numbers. I remember saying when I first came I don’t prioritise my game on numbers. I prioritise it on results.

"The position you play alters that and when you’re playing higher up it’s a responsibility of yours. So for me to come good towards the end of the game, which is a fitness thing, is fantastic. I’m really enjoying my football."