Brendan Rodgers has provided an injury update on Celtic's squad ahead of the upcoming trip to Ibrox.

The 50-year-old revealed that Oh Hyeon-gyu, who has been injured since the opening day against Ross County, will be available for the fixture.

He said: "Oh is back in training so he will be available. The guys who were out slightly longer term will be back after the international break."

Rodgers also detailed what Celtic will need to do differently to come away with a victory as well as opening up on how he hopes to get the best out of players.
"Whoever you are going to play they are the best teams. Whatever group you are going to be in they are champions and established teams and fantastic teams.

"I'm just excited by the games. The players worked very hard last year to win the title and earned the right to be in there.

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"We will play the teams that we do and there are some very good teams with fantastic managers and we accept that challenge when the games come.

"I am not here to jeopardise the strategy of the team or lock the team and myself into anything that would fail or not work.

"It is just time. I don't want to go on about injuries but there are injuries to key players that could make the system function.

"I have absolutely no doubt, I know how to win and I know what it takes to win and I'll show the players how to win.

"It might not be in the first game of the season but over the course of the season and the course of my time here, I believe we will do that.

"It is just little details of what will improve with the players as we work forward. My teams have always been based and my body of work, hopefully, shows that my teams have always been aggressive and on the front foot and attacking and creative.

"They have also been fast and powerful. This team will be that over time as well. In the meantime, we need to continue to get results and work and look to improve.