Steven Naismith has addressed Kyosuke Tagawa's situation at Hearts.

The head coach admits the Japanese player is 'annoyed' by the lack of impact he's been able to make since his arrival at Tynecastle.

The 24-year-old joined on a four-year deal in the summer from FC Tokyo. However, Tagawa has made just five appearances so far, with just one of those coming from the start against Kilmarnock.

He has suffered from ankle and hamstring issues since. But Naismith has revealed that's not the only reason keeping the attacker out of the team.

Naismith told Edinburgh Evening News: "Kyosuke has continued training. We are hoping he will be in contention by the end of this week. It's been a bit stop-start for him so far.

"There is the aspect of him readjusting - Scottish football has an aggression, a quick tempo, it's wholehearted and played at a quick pace. That does take time to get used to.

"What hasn't helped Kyosuke is the fact he has broken down a couple of times. That stopped him getting a run of training and time on the pitch. It's a combination of continually being on the training pitch and then being available for matches. When we think it's right to play him, then we will do that.

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"He is frustrated and that's something I've spoken with him about, just giving him an all-round view of things. It's going to take time for him to feel 100 per cent comfortable, but also he needs to understand that Scottish football is Scottish football and that's the way it is.

"Where he might expect to get a foul when it's not a foul, that's the part he's got to learn and we need to teach him as much as we can. We have to say: 'This is it. Don't feel as if you are going to get any help or that people will say you should get a foul.' A lot of the time in Scottish football it doesn't come.

"Kyosuke has got to be cute about that and understand it. He is frustrated. Because there is so much you are trying to get him up to speed with - the culture of the club, the way we want to play - we are speaking to him quite a bit. His communication skills are really good. He has made it clear that he is frustrated and a bit annoyed that he hasn't been able to contribute more."