Andy Robertson has revealed he is progressing well with his recovery after shoulder surgery but refused to put a timescale on his playing return.

The Scotland captain has been sidelined for club and country since dislocating his shoulder in the Euro 2024 qualifying match against Spain earlier this year.

Robertson, 29, has been taken on in Seville with his arm in a makeshift sling and was later ruled out for Liverpool and Scotland.

However, the full-back is positive on his recovery journey with his operation a success and crucially leaving no complications.

On Viaplay Sport, he said: "I'm getting there, slowly and surely. Surgery was a success which was the main thing, no complications from it or anything like that.

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"It's so far so good, three weeks from my surgery now so everything is progressing well, I have just got to take it bit by bit and week by week. 

"Everything has went well up to this point and hopefully that continues. Hopefully, before we know it I'll be back on the grass."

Quizzed on whether he has a match in mind for his comeback, Robertson added: "I've not looked that far ahead yet. I'm just trying to take it week by week, I'm trying not to get frustrated, I'm not the best injured so I'm trying to take small wins every single week.

"I don't want to put a game in mind and then I don't make it or I come back before then.

"I am just taking it slowly but surely and then there will be a time to start pushing it and when that comes I'll try and get on the pitch as quickly as I can."