John Bennett has admitted that Rangers' loss of £10.5m last year needs fixing.

The club's chairman is determined that Rangers will break even before player trading is brought into account.

Speaking to shareholders at the club's AGM, Bennett reassured supporters that Rangers would never return to the dark days of administration in 2012.

He insists the key to ensuring that is to reduce to a hefty loss of £10.5m to zero.

Bennet has urged fans to keep an eye on the club's losses and how they will eventually become wiped out over the coming years.

"This club lost £10.5m last year pre-player trading, that's a number that needs to go away and you should keep an eye on that number," the chairman said. "That £10.5m needs to become zero.

"I've been kicking tyres and finding cost savings and it will come down. Rangers will go to a place where they break even before player trading so don't be concerned about that.

"It will not cause us any problems like we suffered 10 years ago. That’s over. I wouldn’t worry about our summer spend and what Philippe wants to do. I want our fans to know it’s a process.

"It’s not about backing an individual anymore. Please rest assured the summer spend will have no bearing on where we want to take this club."

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Meanwhile, Philippe Clement insists there will be no raft of changes at Rangers in January.

The Belgian has revealed that there will be no major surgery to his first team squad, however, did admit that a few 'right' calls need to be made, with the summer the most ideal point to address recruitment.

Clement has hinted that there will be no faces in the door in the upcoming transfer window, but he has explained that there are still opportunities available to those already in the building to prove themselves.

"Reshaping it in January is much more difficult than in the summer, that's the reality in football with every club so I'm realistic about that," he said. "The idea is to do something but it will not be a lot of things, it needs to be the right things."