Scottish FA referee David Munro has explained multiple unplayable areas of the pitch led to his decision to postpone the match between Dundee and Aberdeen.

The official called off the match around an hour before kick-off after a pitch inspection at Dens Park.

Dundee released a scathing statement blasting Munro for his decision, but the whistler has explained there were numerous problematic areas of the pitch leading to the match being postponed.

On BBC Open All Mics, Munro explained: "I arrived at the match venue this afternoon and when we went out to do our pitch inspection we realised that there were some concerns for player safety.

"There were several areas where there was standing water and we tried to have a ball and bounce that but unfortunately the areas of standing water gave me concern for player safety.

"Due to that, I have had to postpone the match unfortunately.

"There was an area just in front of the goalmouth at the bottom end of the field and also several other areas in the midfield area.

"It wasn't just one area, it was multiple areas that were giving me that concern.

"From my point of view, all I can do is do my inspection when I arrive at the ground and that's what we done.

"And then we discovered there were areas that were unplayable on the field."

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Quizzed on the protocols for pitch inspections after the late call-off, Munro said: "What would happen is that we would be alerted if there was any concern of that prior to arriving at the ground. 

"If we don't hear anything then we assume that all is good but that is probably something for other people to answer."

And on whether he would get his Christmas shopping done after the postponement, Munro added:  "That is probably the worst possible thing that could happen this afternoon. I think everyone is very disappointed that the match has been postponed."

A Dundee statement read: "Dundee Football Club are extremely disappointed and frustrated at the decision to call off this afternoon’s match against Aberdeen.

"The club had monitored the condition of the pitch and were not concerned that the match would be postponed.

"The weather forecast was also closely monitored and it was to be dry and windy come 2.30pm which it was.

"When half of the refereeing team arrived, later than would normally be expected, at the Scot Foam Stadium between 1.40pm and 1.50pm they indicated that they would carry out a full pitch inspection.

"Following the inspection the referee decided that the game was not going to take place and called the match off.

"The club are extremely unhappy with what followed next and the actions of the referee.

"There was no consultation with Police Scotland, club officials, either manager, the SPFL Delegate, the match commander, the safety team or the grounds team.

"The decision was announced publicly without giving club officials and Police Scotland the opportunity to manage supporter safety considerations.

"Additionally, the SPFL has given clear guidelines that referees should take all steps to get matches on, which include delaying kick-off, as was seen with the match this afternoon at Cove.

"The club fully believe that the pitch was playable today and this was then illustrated with the players training on the pitch at 3pm.

"The club will be seeking clarity from the SPFL and the SFA regarding protocols and match postponements and in the meantime can only apologise to the supporters of both clubs who have been let down by the very late and unnecessary call-off."