Philippe Clement has confirmed that Abdallah Sima will be out "long term" after picking up a thigh injury at the African Cup of Nations.

The 22-year-old Senegal attacker has scored 15 goals since arriving on loan from Brighton in the summer.

The Senegal FA confirmed Sima would return to Rangers after he picked up the injury in training and a statement warned he could face a “long period of unavailability” after failing to get any minutes in the tournament in the Ivory Coast.

Clement has now confirmed this suggestion by the Senegal FA. In his press conference today, the Belgian was asked if there was any update on Sima, he responded: "No. Not yet. It is not that I want to keep away from you guys.

"I expect to have more news today, at latest tomorrow, from my medical staff. I always listen to them and not to other people.

"Ask me this question after the game and then I will give an assessment about that. I will have the information. I am 99 per cent sure. If I have the information clearly I will give it also.

"It will be long term. That is why I want to also have the right information."

Asked if it was a difficult blow to take, Clement added: "Yes, but like I always said, I want to look at the glass half full. I am not going to go in pity and disappointment.

"That has been the case, yes, but the team and the squad has proven that they always stand up when something happens and other players do the job.

"There were really, really, really positive surprises in that way so we are going to go for that and find other solutions and other surprises."