Former tennis world number one Andy Roddick has branded an article considering Andy Murray's future in tennis as "dumb".

The American - who won the US Open in 2003 - was one of many, including Olympians and tennis greats, who defended Murray as he blasted an article published on the BBC website.

Murray - himself previously world number one - hit out at a BBC Scotland article on whether the "end is nigh" in his tennis career after a disappointing start to 2024.

The Scotland tennis hero is yet to win this year having lost in the Brisbane International, Australian Open and Open Sud de France this month.

The BBC article - which did state it was solely down to Murray to choose when to retire - questioned whether Murray was damaging his legacy with recent poor results.

Murray was heralded in the piece for his "unprecedented" return to the peak of the sport after serious hip surgery and "incredible" success on the court.

However, it posed the question: " many more punches should Murray allow himself to take before hanging up the gloves on a glittering career?".

Murray responded to the article on X, formerly Twitter, as he admitted he is going through a "terrible moment" but vowed he would not quit.

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The two-time Wimbledon champion wrote: "Tarnishing my legacy? Do me a favour.

"I’m in a terrible moment right now I’ll give you that.

"Most people would quit and give up in my situation right now. But I’m not most people and my mind works differently.

"I won’t quit. I will keep fighting and working to produce the performances I know I’m capable of."

Coming to his defence, Roddick commented: "Preach! Imagine telling an accomplished iconic adult your opinion on what they should choose for work and when they should do it ….

"This is such a dumb, thirsty article. Can’t take a legacy away. Accomplishment lives forever."

Martina Navratilova - considered among the legends of the sport - said of when Murray should retire: "Whenever Andy decides. Not one match sooner or later.

"And his legacy will be just fine, don’t you worry about it!"

And Olympian Sharron Davies MBE simply added: "When he sees fit".