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Yesterday Aberdeen FC announced the appointment of interim manager Neil Warnock who agreed a short-term deal to take over from the sacked Barry Robson until the end of the season.

Mr Warnock comes with a wealth of experience, second only to Sir Alex Ferguson in terms of professional games managed in top-flight football. Over 1,600 to be precise. The 75-year-old goes straight into the lion’s den by taking charge of the team for Tuesday’s visit to Ibrox but if he watched Aberdeen’s brave performance against Celtic at the weekend, which I’m sure he did, he must have been hugely encouraged by our 2nd half display.

If Mr Warnock can help influence a group of players who so far this season have underachieved by stamping his effervescent personality on the team, then I am all for it. At first, I was sceptical but as the days have passed, I have come round to the fact that the club does need time to sort itself out.

Some have suggested Mr Warnock’s arrival is ‘box-office’, it is not with the greatest respect to our new interim manager, but it has certainly got tongues wagging on both sides of the border. I have also read with some awkwardness that many believe it will be “a good laugh at least” but this is no laughing matter!

Mr Warnock’s appointment, as well as sorting us out on the field of play, was made to offer the Football Monitoring Board time to seek Aberdeen’s new full-time manager which as I just mentioned I have no issues with but what I do find disconcerting is the fact that the board required time to finish their external review of the club’s football operations from the Academy all the way through to the first team, hence the need for an interim manager at this stage.

I wholeheartedly agreed with our greatest ever player, Willie Miller, when he said that if outside influencers are conducting the review does this suggest that those currently in charge are not up to the task? A worrying predicament if true. Having relieved Barry Robson of his duties last week, the fourth manager to be sacked by Dave Cormack in the space of three years, all eyes are now on the FMB to get their next full-time manager appointment absolutely spot on otherwise the pressure from the fans will crank up significantly.

Against Celtic on Saturday, if we forget the 1st half ever existed, there was so much in evidence to suggest that with the desired tactics and a certain style of play Aberdeen can compete with those in the higher echelons of the League table. What I am hoping for more than anything is that Neil Warnock does not strangle the players and allows them, with the right tactics, to express themselves. We as fans have been crying out for this all season as I’m sure have the players!

On Tuesday, against Rangers it will be tough but if we show the same sort of commitment and desire that we did on Saturday I see no reason why we can’t come away with something from the game. Neil Warnock does prefer to play a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 formation so come 19:00 UK time it will be interesting if not intriguing to see the team he picks to play as there is a strong argument to deploy a 4-5-1 formation.

On the flip side to today’s announcement there is a debate to be had whether Neil should actually be in charge for the Rangers game. After the usual announcement festivities earlier today at Cormack Park it does not leave much time, if any, for Neil to prepare the team for tomorrow’s game.

I really hope this eventuality was taken into account over the weekend. I would like to think that a decision was made before today that Peter Leven will take the team and be in charge for one final game. This affords Neil the time to observe and then take over from Wednesday.

Saying that, his character and personality could galvanise the players and staff from inside the dressing-room no matter how much time he is given to prepare. I have no doubt the players will feed off his enthusiasm and do everything they can to impress their new gaffer. They have no choice as there is still so much to play for this season. It’s going to be a hell of a ride! Thanks for reading.