Dave King reckons the rise of James Bisgrove at Rangers is very exciting for all those connected with the club.

The former chairman - who lives in South Africa - is so confident in Bisgrove being an "incredibly effective" chief executive that he feels at ease with some disconnect over behind-the-scenes business at Ibrox.

King, who remains a major shareholder, is far less involved in the day-to-day but has every confidence matters are being handled in the right manner under the new board and CEO Bisgrove.

In fact, King reckons Bisgrove is "one of smartest young guys out there" and Rangers will benefit from having him in post as chief executive - promoted from commercial and marketing director.

However, King is hopeful Bisgrove will be aided in any areas of lesser knowledge as he absolved the chief executive of blame for the Sydney Super Cup debacle but urged guidance from the board over any future issues.

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Speaking in an exclusive with The Rangers Review, King said: “I personally was very excited about the elevation of James Bisgrove.

 “I think James is a very good fit for CEO, he is a very smart guy. He has come into the club initially where he didn’t have the background, let’s call it the cultural DNA, that some Rangers minded people might have.

"A few things, like the whole Australia thing, I think the board should have helped James and said ‘look, you need to be careful with this, this is not going to work with the supporters.’

"James wouldn’t have known that, but he now knows it and he has learned a lot.

"I think he is going to be an incredibly effective CEO for us and I think he is one of the smartest young guys out there.

"I am very excited by what James can do for the club as well so we now have a good team where, even though I am now more disconnected, I am still a large shareholder and I do feel a lot more confident even with that level of disconnect.

"My assumption is that the guys will be doing the right thing.”