Former Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou has blasted Tottenham's 'fragile foundations'.

The Australian admits the last 48 hours have been an eye-opener for him amid a desire among some fans for the team to lose to Manchester City in order to stop Arsenal winning the title.

The 58-year-old insists she doesn't care about the rivalry with Spurs' north London rivals.

And with the end of his first season at the Premier League club nigh, the Aussie concedes he's learned a few home truths about the situation at Spurs.

"I think the last 48 hours has revealed to me that the foundations are fairly fragile mate," Postecoglou fumed as he told the press. "So... That's just what I think.

"I just think the last 48 hours have revealed a fair bit to me. That's alright. It just means I've got to go back to the drawing board with some things.

Asked more specifically where he's learned things in the last 48 hours, he responded: "Outside, inside, everywhere. It's been an interesting exercise.

"It's just my observations mate. I'm not going to tell you, because it's for me. I'm the one who's got to do it. You can make your own assessments of what's happened. I understand.

"I probably misread the situation as to what I think is important in your endeavour to become a winning team, but that's ok. That's why I'm here."

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Some fans chanted 'are you watching Arsenal' as Man City scored twice through Erling Haalaned at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Fizzing, Postecoglou added: "I'm not interested mate. I just don't care.

"I'm just not interested mate. Maybe I'm out of step, but I just don't care, I just want to win. I want to be successful at this football club, it's why I was brought in.

"So what other people, how they want to feel, and what their priorities are, are of zero interest to me. I know what's important to build a winning team, that's what I need to concentrate on."