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Football and sound are so incredibly intertwined. Recall almost any memory and there will be a soundtrack of some sort as an accompaniment - be that music, words or indistinguishable screams.

At the SMiSA Stadium on Wednesday night, it was no different. In any fleeting second of silence you could hear a story being told, a plan being made or simply a whistling of a St Mirren-related song - more on that later.

I'd only sat down before inadvertently becoming involved in the passionate retelling of one supporter's experience tracking the result between Rangers and Dundee which sealed St Mirren's European qualification.

"He was away in a bad mood just kicking things," one supporter said in all seriousness as he described the awful scenario when Dundee looked set to cause a real upset at Ibrox.

"Then it was 3-2, 4-2, 5-2 and I knew we had done it," the beaming Buddie continued. It wasn't an unfamiliar experience, it had lost the hook of the potential Shakespearean tragedy set up in the first act, but it hadn't lost anyone's attention.

Moments later walking through the vomitory and it was less joyous recreation and more the sound of a heist being plotted.

"We'll need to get a date sorted before the draw, we have to know what we're doing and how we're getting there," said one supporter in a packed huddle as he hastily pulled together plans for a pint and travel briefing for this summer's European adventure.

To steal from Stephen Thompson's vocabulary, it was cathartic. Perhaps not the same as in the way of a last-minute winner or a cup victory, but you couldn't help but get carried away in the outpouring of emotion all around the stadium.

And that goes for the music blaring around the stadium too.

Ask 100 punters and not many would suggest Showaddywaddy or Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs Robinson would conjure up a well of happy tears held back in their eyes.

On Wednesday, that's exactly how it played out.

I've often adopted the unspoken mantra to never become emotional to Showaddywaddy - unless someone is forcing you to follow their garish fashion choices.

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At the SMiSA Stadium that life-rule was thrown out as you could sense, see and practically hear the lumps forming in the throats of supporters as the mission was accomplished.

Thankfully, unlike Showaddywaddy, St Mirren proved they were no one-hit wonders in their top six success.

Before James Bolton's goal to put St Mirren 2-1 up, on a night the result was entirely irrelevant, the Northbank group burst into a rendition of Under the Moon of Love. The somewhat unlikely football chant - which has long been adopted by St Mirren supporters - echoed around Paisley.

It was just another very special moment in a very special season. A song led into a St Mirren chance and then into celebrations. Wow.

The real soundtrack to St Mirren's season has become optimism, with some utter disbelief over the incredible outcome scattered in there too.

Come full-time and a lap of honour for the players at the conclusion of the last home game this season, it was the UEFA Conference League anthem blaring through the speakers.

Another goosebumps, you had to be there, moment.

In seasons past, Bridge over Troubled Water would be an apt soundtrack, this time it was Mrs Robinson (albeit drowned out by supporters showering Stephen Robinson with well-deserved recognition).

The sounds, the songs and the stories. That's really what it is all about at the end of the day. And with European football to come, there'll be plenty more for St Mirren supporters to revel in, relive, and recall for years to come.