"I'm getting excited just talking about it," says a giddy Josh Taylor as he recites a sales pitch to land a spectacular one-off fight at Edinburgh Castle.

The Tartan Tornado still harbours ambitions of winning round Historic Scotland and Edinburgh Council chiefs to host a once-in-a-lifetime bout at the breathtaking venue.

"Imagine that at night with the esplanade all lit up, the castle lit up in the background, the ring in the middle," says Taylor as he visualises his dream boxing location.

"Walking to the ring from the castle would just be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it would be absolutely amazing."

Taylor - who fights Jack Catterall in Leeds on May 25 - is audibly emotionally charged as he paints a dramatic stage in his 'battle at the castle' mindscape.

There's no doubt of the spectacle on offer if Josh Taylor headlined a boxing card a few miles along the road from his Prestonpans roots.

But despite his view of an Edinburgh Castle boxing date being a no-brainer, Taylor has had little response from the relevant authorities.

"I've been chipping on the door for ages about Edinburgh Castle," said Taylor. "The castle is such an iconic venue.

"But the castle have never really bit back or shown much enthusiasm about it. 

"It would be absolutely fantastic. It would be a one-off opportunity. It would be a battle at the castle.

"It's like going back in time, going out the castle to defend my title or defend my country, or fight for my country. 

"I've just not had much feedback from the folk at the castle for some reason. I don't know if that is something to do with Historic Scotland or Edinburgh Council."

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For WOW HYDRATE athlete Taylor, the fight would be easier arranged by organising a move of the castle to Glasgow - such have been his struggles to date.

"I feel that if it had been in Glasgow then it would have been made straight away," he sighed. "The Glaswegians are much more accommodating in a lot of ways I think.

"I just think a fight at the castle would be iconic. An iconic venue and an iconic stage to set."

While any event at Edinburgh Castle seem a long way off, Taylor is in no doubt a bout at Easter Road would be easily organised after talks with Ben Kensell.

The first UK boxer to become an undisputed champion in the four-belt era has close ties with Hibs chiefs and admits his upcoming fight with Catterall could have sold out the stadium.

"Ben Kensell at Hibs has shown real interest and said they'd get it done straight away," said Taylor of another possible dream fight at the home of his boyhood club.

"That is really encouraging to know that is always there. Obviously, we'd need to consider the time of year and I'd need a really good dance partner to fill Easter Road.

"It would be 20,000 plus the pitch, to be full capacity you'd be talking 25,000.

"I actually feel like this fight could have done it but it's not to be because they didn't want to come back to Scotland.

"They [Catterall team] wanted me to go to Machester but I certainly wasn't going there if they wouldn't come to Scotland.

"I've also great aspirations to fight at Easter Road. I go there every now and again when I am home between camps for a bit of physio and TLC - I'm always in at the training centre.

"It would be an ambition of mine."

Josh Taylor is a WOW HYDRATE athlete. His fight against Jack Catterall on May 25 is promoted by Matchroom and Top Rank Boxing is available to watch on ESPN+ in the U.S. and DAZN around the world.