As the nation keeps their fingers crossed that Scotland can beat Hungary and reach the Euro 2024 knockout stages tonight - the opposition boss has piled pressure on the match referee. 

Marco Rossi was left in rage following Hungary's 2-0 defeat against Germany earlier this week and called out Dutch whistler, Danny Makkelie, for a lack of consistency. 

Rossi fumed at the ref's inability to award his side a foul in the immediate build-up to Germany’s opener as he believed Ilkay Gundogan had illegal challenged on Willi Orban.

Orban went down, allowing Germany captain, Gundogan, to set up Jamal Musiala for the finish.

The goal stood after a VAR review, which only heightened the frustration for Rossi, who faces mounting pressure from Hungarian fans to secure some points.

Hungary must win to maintain their narrow chances of qualifying as a third-best team, and Rossi made it clear he wants Argentinian ref, Facundo Tello to show consistency against Scotland.

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He said: “I expect what I have always expected from all match officials - that they are consistent from the first minute to the last.

“Unfortunately the Dutch referee didn’t do that in our match against Germany. That’s it. I am not looking for excuses.

“I have simply said that, even if he had actually blown for that foul which I believe was blatant, either way Germany probably would have won the match because they would probably have scored from another situation.

“They also scored a goal in the second half so they would have won 1-0 anyway.

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“So that’s not the point here. The point is a team’s ability in a tournament like this - especially when we have a tool like VAR - should be all that matters.

“A team’s prestige and tradition shouldn’t come into things.

“Whether it’s us or Georgia we need to be protected in the same way as Germany, France, England, Italy and so on and so forth.”