Gabby Logan has admitted both her and the BBC were shocked at UEFA's decision to show Barnabas Varga's nasty injury - which has left the Hungary forward in hospital. 

Varga fell awkwardly inside the box after a collision with Scotland goalkeeper, Angus Gunn, and subsequently knocked him out cold. 

It was a distressing scene at the Stuttgart Arena, with his teammates putting him in the recovery position before medics covered him up and stretchered him off to be attended to more seriously. 

When the stretcher bearers arrived on the field, Hungarian players urgently encouraged them to hurry, clearly worried about Varga's condition.

Amid the tense situation, UEFA, the host broadcaster, decided to replay the incident.

In response, the BBC quickly switched to a wide shot of Stuttgart Arena.

But after the match, Logan conveyed her best wishes to Varga and emphasised the BBC's disapproval of UEFA's choice to air the replay of the collision.

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"All of our thoughts are of course with Barnabas Varga after that sickening collision," the experienced presenter said.

"We are updating you on his condition. At the moment we have no more. We were as shocked as you when they replayed that incident."

She continued by addressing the audience to explain the broadcasters shock at the footage shown: "There are protocols around this kind of thing after Christian Eriksen three years ago. We were very surprised that UEFA chose to play in that replay, which is why we cut away to a wide angle as soon as we could."