Andy Murray has explained his decision to withdraw from Wimbledon singles competition.

The two-time Wimbledon winner this morning pulled out of the tournament ahead of his scheduled first-round match against Tomas Machac.

Murray - who recently had surgery to remove a spinal cyst - will still play in the doubles tournament alongside brother Jamie.

However, after a run this morning, Murray decided to pull out of the singles competition in an "extremely disappointing" outcome.

Murray explained: "I decided this morning. I slept on it, I told my team and my family that I didn't think I was going to play just based on how I felt yesterday.

"I practised pretty well and I was playing pretty good, I just wasn't happy with how my leg was feeling and I wanted to sleep on it and make sure I was happy with the decision.

"I ran around at home a bit this morning when I got up and it just wasn't where I wanted it to be, unfortunately.

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"It's probably a few days too soon. But I worked extremely hard to at least give myself a chance to play.

"It was the right decision. It is extremely disappointing that I wasn't able to play but, at the same time, where I'm at, 10 days after the operation in comparison to where I was told I would be and what my expectations were is incredible really.

"I obviously practised with my brother today and I look forward to playing the doubles.

"I'm disappointed, I wanted to play in the tournament. I wanted to have a chance to go out there and walk out on my own on the Centre Court again and give it another go.

"But I also was only going to do that if I felt like I could be competitive, and I didn't feel like that today. I'm sorry for everyone that came and wanted to support and watch again. I wanted that moment as well, as much for me as the people who have supported me over the years.

"The fans but also my closest friends, family, my team. It was important for me to do that with them as well. It's one of those things. The timing was horrible, the surgery was a complex one and it wasn't to be."

A statement this morning confirmed: "Unfortunately, despite working incredibly hard on his recovery since his operation just over a week ago, Andy has taken the very difficult decision not to play singles this year.

"As you can imagine, he is extremely disappointed but has confirmed that he will be playing in the doubles with Jamie and looks forward to competing at Wimbledon for the last time."