JAROSLAV SILHAVY has challenged his Hampden heroes to raise their levels once again and take a step towards the knockout rounds with victory over Croatia.

The Czech Republic head into their second Group D clash in high spirits following their 2-0 victory over Scotland as Patrik Schick netted both goals in a deserved win.

Croatia were beaten by England on matchday one but Czech boss Silhavy will take nothing for granted ahead of their key Hampden clash on Friday evening.

Silhavy said: "Going back to that game against Scotland, all of our players have their tasks and they really fulfilled them really well.

"It was a great team effort. Tomas Vaclik, the goalie, and Patrik Schick obviously gave more than 100 per cent and that is why we got the result that we got.

"It is a team effort and a team performance and sometimes one of the players shines more. That was Patrik Schick in this case.

"He is a forward that scores a lot of goals, which he showed in this game, and obviously having a strong goalkeeper is great.

"Well, if we get a draw and one point, we can still advance. This is the first step that we want to make to advance to the next stage.

"We will see. The game will be very different from the one against Scotland and Croatia are more creative, they combine a lot on the pitch.

"We have to be very careful. We have to be on our toes and good in the defence.

"We all need to defend well and if we are under pressure we need to get back and in the midfield we need to not allow them any space.

"I think we can do that. Yes, Scotland had some chances against us, but so did we so we cannot tell ourselves that we will score against Scotland and they will not try to score against us because that is not how football works."