MICHAEL BEALE saw his perseverance and a personal touch pay off in January as Todd Cantwell started his Rangers rebuild.

Now the former Norwich City star hopes a similar approach will help his boss take Rangers to the next level during the summer window.

Beale completed deals for Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin earlier this term and has set his sights on a handful of targets to transform his Ibrox ranks in the coming months.

The 42-year-old has previously detailed his approach to signing players and revealed his desire to sit down and hold face-to-face talks with any prospective arrival.

That process was crucial in securing the signature of Cantwell and a strong relationship has quickly been formed between the pair.

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Beale has already insisted that there is plenty more to come from Cantwell and the midfielder believes he can go from strength to strength thanks to the backing of his boss.

"Yeah, I mean, it worked for me," Cantwell said when asked about Beale's sales pitch. "It worked for me. So yeah, let's let's hope it is as successful as it was for me.

"The manager was very honest with me, which is something in football, which I think is paramount.

"You know, to have honesty and transparency is really important for a footballer and everything I've been told before I come has stayed true since I have been here so I can't complain.

"We met up a couple of times. It definitely feels that way. I think if your manager is coming out of his time to come and meet you then you know serious he is and obviously what he's saying at that point, you have to believe. But like I said, you know, I can't complain at all.

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"I think since Covid, Zoom has been quite an easy way to communicate with people, which saves travelling. But no, listen, you know, it is a personal touch like you said. And it is something that doesn't go unnoticed.

"I mean, you know, he's the guy that's in charge. He's the guy that sees me day in, day out and if that's his stance, that's fantastic. I believe he's right as well.

"You know, I've said it for a while, I did need a run of games to get going. And you know, I've got that now. There are no more excuses."

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