BRENDAN RODGERS has told the Green Brigade that Celtic have ‘put out a hand and they have taken the arm’, as he outlined his hopes for a resolution to the row between the supporters’ group and the club’s board.

Up to 250 fans who have registered with the club as members of the 'Ultras' group have recently been banned from matches, and were absent from their usual section in the North Curve at Celtic Park for the win over St Mirren on Wednesday night.

Statements have since been issued from both parties as the Green Brigade have cast doubt on the club’s explanation for the ban, arguing that the move has been motivated not by allegations of misconduct at recent away matches, but their prominent displays of support for Palestine.

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Rodgers praised the vast majority of Celtic support for the backing they give to his team, but said a small section of fans have taken advantage of the club’s willingness to accommodate them - such as in building the UK’s first standing section - and that they have recently overstepped the mark.

“I know that 99.9 percent of this fanbase are amazing, the support they give the club and they give the team is fantastic,” Rodgers said.

“Of course, it is clear we have a situation with a really small group of our support base, with which that dialogue and everything else is there with the board.

“They will speak on that, I will only speak for the club of course, but it’s very easy for me to narrow my focus in on the football because ultimately that is what brings the club together.

“Listen, there’s no doubt [we want a resolution]. Football clubs are about football. That’s the simplicity of it for me.

“When you come to the football, you’re coming to watch the players on the pitch and support the team.

“The social media stuff, gladly I’m not involved in it, and I have no interest in it, so a lot of what goes on in and around that I actually don’t know about.

“I’m not naïve, I know what’s there, but there’s no way I am trawling through stuff to understand it, you know?

“But I understand what’s happened, and at any club – especially at a club like here – that synergy is so important because it is such a force, Celtic.

“The club, and hopefully the guys who are out of the club, can find a solution. Because they are amazing, I will say that.

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“Take away the political stuff, it’s understanding that the club had the first standing area in Britain, ok? So, the club have clearly reached out to supporters to put that in place. So, the club wanted to work with the supporters.

“I just think in life you always have to be careful. If you offer a hand, make sure they don’t want the arm. So, you put out your hand to help supporters, and they take the arm, not the hand.

“For me, our club’s strength is being together behind the team, and hopefully very, very soon we can find that, and we can support the football.”

The club cited incidents such as flares being set off, fans storming fire doors and entering the field of play at Fir Park, the abuse of staff at Celtic Park and the displaying of unauthorised banners as justification for the ban, and Rodgers has urged the supporters to stamp out such behaviour for the greater good.

“It’s also recognising that for most clubs, football is for families to come along, support their team, have a day out and enjoy the football,” he said.

“There should never be any risk going to any game of football.

“Listen, for Celtic, in the main that’s what it’s about. Supporters come from up and down the country here, they come on boats and planes to get to games. It’s a brilliant day and if their team wins, even better.

“That’s the end game for every game, and hopefully we can get to that point.”