IT is often said that it requires gravitas to lead a top club. It is an intangible thing, and you won’t be taught how to get it when you are going through your coaching badges. You just know it, when you see it. And when John Lundstram looks at his new manager, Phillipe Clement, that is what is staring right back at him.

The results he has had since he arrived at Ibrox are starting to gain the respect of the Rangers supporters, but for Lundstram, it was his ability to instantly command the respect of the players that has been the key to his flying start.

The inference when the midfielder talks about the squad needing a dominant figure to ‘stamp his authority’ on them could be interpreted as a criticism of the rather laxer approach of Clement’s predecessor Michael Beale, who perhaps blurred the line too much between being a manager of his men and being their mate.

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The line that Clement is currently straddling is that fine one between inspiring just the right amount of fear in his players while getting them to buy into his ideas, and Lundstram believes that is a recipe for success that can carry this Rangers team a long way.

“It’s hard to pinpoint one or two things,” Lundstram said.

“It’s lots of different things and it’s hard to put your finger on.

“He’s just been really good and given the lads lots of confidence. We’re playing a bit wider with wingers, which helps the pressing side of things.

“I can’t speak highly enough of him. He’s come in and he’s really stamped his authority on the squad. It’s what we’ve needed.

“He hasn’t pulled me aside individually. He hasn’t needed to. It’s more that he demands respect around the place. He’s an imposing figure and I think you have to be that as a manager.

“There’s a little bit of fear in there from him, which again you need.

“For me, it’s not been about being pulled aside. I just really respect him and he’s come in and given everyone a lift.

“If you have needed that arm around you, then he’s given that to players. Again, it’s a good sign.

“You’ve got to have both sides, haven’t you? You’ve got to have the arm round the shoulder, and you’ve got to be demanding and demand respect when it’s needed. He’s done both.”

“It’s about this story. He keeps going about this story we’re building and it’s about putting all these little building blocks in place.

“You can see it coming together, probably faster than what he’s expected. But we have all bought into what he’s trying to implement and it’s working.”

The on-field approach he references with greater width and higher pressing up the pitch is certainly winning the approval of the Rangers supporters, who had become frustrated with a more patient - or pedestrian, depending on your interpretation - style earlier in the season.

“The style of play we’re playing now gets the fans involved,” he said.

“It’s more forward-thinking, it’s high tempo, it’s aggressive.

“We’re obviously going to need the fans and they’ll be behind us – 100 per cent.

“It’s all about us giving them something to be behind, and we’ve done that lately, so let’s just continue.”

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The next test for Clement’s revitalised unit comes at Ibrox on Thursday night, with Sparta Prague making the trip to Glasgow on Europa League duty.

The first game between the sides in Prague a fortnight ago represented arguably the poorest performance of Clement’s reign so far, particularly in the first half where they were fortunate not to concede at least once.

They improved later in the match though and could even have won it in the end before settling for a goalless draw, but Lundstram is sure that Rangers will be able to impose themselves more consistently on their opponent on home soil, even if they have been asked to go to the well a lot of late.

“It’s huge,” he said. “It’s another big game and they just keep coming thick and fast.

“I saw Barry Robson talking about it on Viaplay, about his games, and he was having a little bit of a moan about it. Welcome to our world.

“No, the games come thick and fast and we’re used to it. I saw the lads joking with Barry Robson on telly saying that’s what success brings and playing well brings.

“We’re in the Europa League, the Viaplay Cup, the league and the Scottish Cup’s still to come.

“They all just come thick and fast and you wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s what success brings.

“I thought over there, it wasn’t pretty at all. In the second half, we were excellent. And I thought after the game it was a great point to get away from home.

“For Sparta Prague, they’ll see that ground as their Ibrox. It’s not an easy place to go to – and it’s not going to be easy for them to come to Ibrox on Thursday.

“We’re really looking forward to it and hopefully it’s another magnificent European game.”

“European nights at Ibrox are massive. It’s what all the players at the club have come to experience.”