Brendan Rodgers had a dig at the controversy surrounding Willie Collum’s VAR decision in December’s Old Firm game after Celtic were denied a penalty in the win over Buckie Thistle because of an offside call.

Referee Chris Graham was called over to the VAR screen in the first half of the 5-0 win over the Highland League side after Liel Abada hit the deck inside the area. After a lengthy review though, the infringement was deemed to be inconsequential as the Celtic winger was initially in an offside position.

Rodgers couldn’t understand why the incident had to be reviewed at all if it had already been determined that Abada was offside, and he illustrated his point by referencing the furore around Alistair Johnston’s handball in the win over Rangers last month.

“I think the frustrating one was the penalty one that was looked at,” Rodgers said.

“It shouldn’t be looked at: it’s offside. But they had to for some reason, it’s protocol according to the fourth official. They had to look to see if it’s a penalty first before they look to disallow it because it’s offside, which just seems ridiculous.

“If it’s offside then the penalty doesn’t even matter…as we know!”

Meanwhile, proud Buckie Thistle manager Graeme Stewart praised both his own players and their hosts for the welcome they were given, revealing that Celtic manager Rodgers had addressed his men after the game.

“None of the players were in our changing room after the game; they were all in the Celtic changing room,” Stewart said.

“Celtic were brilliant, taking them in. Though I noticed Celtic had sushi and nicer food than us!

“Brendan Rodgers was brilliant. The gave us strips, signed strips and they didn’t have to do that. One or two even asked for our strips, which I’m not happy about. I said to the guys they are getting fined now because they cost us 50 quid!

“I was delighted with the respect shown. Brendan Rodgers came into our changing room after the game and was a class act. He gave a wee speech and said he was delighted with our attitude.

“They gave us so much respect and took it seriously, and that was good. We would rather have played against that than a second-string team.

“Playing the full team, the guys can keep that memory forever.”