Celtic haven't received any enquiries about the availability of Liel Abada this month, and manager Brendan Rodgers says that he won’t welcome any as he looks to put speculation around the winger’s future to bed.

Abada has recently returned to the Celtic side after a long-term injury, but events in his homeland of Israel in the intervening period had left the 22-year-old in a difficult position given the visible support that a large section of the Celtic fanbase have shown for Palestine.

That led to pressure being placed on Abada to quit the club from high profile Israelis, and Rodgers has detailed how he has had to put an arm around his player and assure him that he is still wanted and welcome at Celtic.

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He received a huge ovation from the crowd when he made his Celtic Park return against Rangers in late December, and Rodgers feels that his future still lies in Glasgow.

“There’s nothing on Liel,” Rodgers said.

“I know there has been stories generated for whatever reason around him, probably trying to second guess what has been going on with Liel.

“It’s very, very simple. Liel was out injured for a long period of time, he has gone back in, and again he is a player I am excited to work with, that I can improve.

“He’s a player that I spoke to very early on, and he comes to me and we speak, and his focus is very much on being here at Celtic and developing.

“Now, it’s natural with the difficulties that are happening in his homeland, you can’t ignore that. But he’s not someone that we want to sell.

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“He’s a real integral part of what we want to do here, and I’ve always said before when the availability of players is there and you have the right types of players, the football will look different.

“You just see with him alone coming back in the difference he then makes to our team.

“So, I won’t be in a hurry to want to lose that.”