Brendan Rodgers knows that the knives were out for his Celtic side as they went into stoppage time level against Motherwell, but after two late goals saw them pick up a huge three points at Fir Park, he told his players they will be the ones who write the story of their season.

Rodgers joked that managing the club was doing nothing for his blood pressure after his men fell behind to a first half Blair Spittal strike, before substitute Adam Idah drew the champions level after the break.

Just as it looked as though they would drop points for the second successive week though, Idah popped up at the death to slide the ball home before Luis Palma added a third to finally put the outcome beyond any doubt.

The win kept Celtic within two points of league leaders Rangers, and Rodgers says it is up to his players to decide how this often tumultuous season will be remembered over the course of the final 11 games.

“Celtic’s never good for the blood pressure, that’s for sure!” Rodgers said. “It never is.

“It shows the belief, and that has to be at the forefront of everything, because that comes before performance.

“Before you go out onto the pitch, you need to believe, and that’s what we work on with the players.

“It hasn’t been the most fluent this season for so many reasons, but now I think we are getting some key players back and it is starting to really stiffen it up for us.

“It allows us to have that base to attack the games, and they have that belief to keep going.

“It is what this club is known for, and every group has to have it. If you play for Celtic, you need to keep going until the very end.

“I think the story is already written for us this season, and that is the one thing that I reinforce with the players. All the noise, everything that has been around this team for virtually the whole season.

“We get the chance to write our story, no one else. And that is what we will do.

“Today was very, very important for that, for the belief, so now we go into our next game and the optics of it are that its two points [to Rangers] and very, very close.

“I think that is how it is going to be through to the end, but it’s about playing with that mentality in the second half.

“When we do that, we look a really good team.”

If Celtic hadn’t managed to win this game at the death, Rodgers wasn’t for accepting that the title race would have been over, but he did concede that it was a huge boost for the mentality and belief of his players.

He said: "You can't deny it, when we conceded late last week...we've had a really good week's training but then, it's a poor goal we gave away. But we responded magnificently well.

“Before performance you always have a belief and that's what I always feel Celtic have, and we know that we'll always keep going right to the end. We saw that belief in the second half.

"Listen, if we drew the game, four points is nothing, it really isn't. With 11 games to go, it's not an insurmountable lead. But obviously to get the win is important for mentality and convincing of how we play.

“If we play with those connections, play with that aggression and that mentality, we'll win more games than we draw or lose.

“Second half was absolutely brilliant and it always seems to be late goals here at Motherwell over the two spells. I'm really pleased for everyone.”