Football fans have been urged to “celebrate safely” ahead of an expected deluge of supporters into Glasgow’s Trongate.  

Thousands of Celtic fans are expected to throng the Merchant City area this afternoon following their team’s game against St Mirren in Glasgow. 

Celtic fans will be celebrating winning the title for the third year in a row, with the trophy due to be presented to the team after the match.  

The city council is expecting similar scenes to those that followed last year’s trophy presentation, when huge crowds of supporters gathered on the streets in the east of the city centre to drink and sing.  

While the gathering mostly passed off peacefully, ten people were arrested, mostly for drunkenness, while three were seriously assaulted, with a 31-year-old man being taken to hospital in serious condition. 

The Herald: Celtic fans celebrate in Glasgow Cross after the team's Premiership victory

Large piles of rubbish left behind by the crowds required overnight cleaning, while streets had to be closed off.  

Writing on the social media site X, Glasgow city council said: "Glasgow is a football city - and proud to be home to some of the biggest teams in the game. 

"Fans support their club, whatever the result - and when they win, celebrations are to be savoured. However, when things get out of hand there can be a negative impact on other Glaswegians and for visitors to our city. 

"In recent year many people have felt uncomfortable and even unsafe when supporters have congregated in places like Trongate or George Square to celebrate.” 

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The statement added an appeal for calm, saying: "Residents and businesses have had to deal with the aftermath of littering, vandalism and other antisocial behaviour once the crowds have headed home. 

"As this season reaches its conclusion over the next two weekends, we want everyone to be able to celebrate safely, responsibly and with consideration for others. 

"Whoever you support, whatever the results - enjoy yourself but please respect the city." 

The Herald: Joe Hart carries the trophy to Celtic Park Joe Hart carries the trophy to Celtic Park (Image: NQ)

The trophy arrived at Celtic Park - carried by goalkeeper Joe Hart - to cheers from fans ahead of their match against St Mirren, due to kick off at 12.30pm and end at 3pm. 

In 2023, Celtic fans gathered at Glasgow Cross to celebrate the Premiership trophy win. 

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Police Scotland warned Glasgow city centre is likely to be busier on Saturday as fans gather in the city to celebrate Celtic's title win. 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "We're working closely with partners and will have a proportionate policing plan in place to maintain public safety and minimise disruption to the community."