HANNAH RANKIN’S American opponent hopes she won’t be the victim of a hometown decision if their world title fight goes the distance tomorrow night.

Sarah Curran has travelled from Chicago with the aim of denying Rankin from Luss her dream of becoming Scotland’s first female boxing world champion.

The pair meet for the IBO super-welterweight title in Paisley’s Lagoon Leisure Centre and Curran just hopes that whoever claims the belt does so on merit.

She said: “I don’t make fight predictions. Mike Tyson once said that everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face. So the fight will go however it goes.

“The only thing I will say is that in boxing a lot of judging can be one-sided if you’re in the opponent’s hometown. I’ve had that happen to me before. I won’t say that will happen in Scotland but I just hope that if Hannah wins, it’s because she was the better fighter. And the same if I end up winning. I just want the right person to get the belt. I want a fair fight with no hometown decisions.”


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Rankin towered over the diminutive Curran as the pair went head-to-head for the cameras on Wednesday but the American said that has never been a disadvantage for her.

“Being the shorter fighter is nothing new for me,” she said. “I’m only 5ft4 so everybody is taller than me. But that doesn’t make any difference once I’m in the ring. I always give as good as I get and I’ve done pretty well so far in my career. So Hannah might be taller but it’s about who is stronger and fitter on the night.

“I’m 26 years old and worked hard for this. I’m now here to fight. My only defeat was on my pro debut to someone who was 2-0 with two knockouts who was on the US Olympic team. So I’ve never shied away from a tough fight. I back myself 100 per cent in this one, too.”

This is Curran’s first trip overseas and, being comfortably inside the 154lbs weight limit, has been able to take advantage of Glasgow’s burgeoning restaurant scene.


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She revealed: “Because my weight was so good beforehand I’ve been able to check out the city and have a look around without worrying about that. I’ve gone up in weight for this as I usually fight at 147bs so that’s not a problem.

“I’ve done a bit of sightseeing. I checked out the mural trail which was cool and been to quite a few little restaurants – the food here is so fresh and organic. It’s not like Chicago at all.

“My preparations were all completed back home. I had a really hard training camp and now I’m ready for this fight. All I know is I’m here, I’m blessed for the opportunity and I’ll have fun doing what I love which is boxing.”