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Budget-friendly earbuds have 42 hours of playtime

One of the most impressive aspects is battery life as users can enjoy over 42 hours of playtime, though this reduces slightly to 34 hours when the ANC feature is active. Battery life is complemented by a USB-C charging case.

Cath Kidston earbuds are the cutest thing out there

One of the standout features of the Skylark earbuds is undoubtedly their design. Available in three stylish Cath Kidston designs (Bees, Strawberry Garden, and Story Tree) the case adds a touch of personality to your audio accessories. T

Budget wired mouse has plenty of features for gamers

The EM600’s design brings a blend of functionality, style, and comfort to any gaming set up. Crafted to be lightweight (90 grams), it reduces fatigue during extended gaming sessions, allowing players to maintain peak performance.