Levoit Classic LTF-F362-WUK Tower Fan

What is it?

A powerful and uber quiet tower fan.

Good points?

Its modern design, featuring a prominent LED display and contrasting black and white colours make it a subtle addition to most rooms.

The clean lines and compact footprint of 16.5 x 16.5 x 92 cm (6.5 x 6.5 x 36.2 ins) ensure it doesn't overpower the space. The design prioritises user convenience, with removable easy-to-clean components that simplify maintenance.

When it comes to operation, the Levoit Tower Fan offers a versatile range of options to suit individual preferences. Users can enjoy a 90-degree oscillation feature that distributes air evenly.

With five fan speeds to choose from, ranging from gentle breezes to powerful gusts, you have precise control over comfort levels.

Impressively, this fan delivers a formidable wind speed of 7.6m (25 ft) per second, ensuring rapid and efficient cooling even in larger spaces. It manages to achieve whisper-quiet operation with a noise level of just 28dB. This makes it ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, or any environment where noise sensitivity is a concern.

Four specialty modes provide flexibility including manual control, automatic adjustment based on room temperature, a sleep-friendly mode that dims the display, or a turbo mode for rapid cooling and maximum oscillation.

The addition of a temperature sensor further enhances the fan's functionality, allowing it to intelligently adjust its settings based on ambient conditions.

Best for ...

Those seeking a cool and quiet environment during those rare but annoyingly uncomfortable muggy periods.

Avoid if ...

You are looking for something a tad more diminutive that can fit under a desk.

Score: 9/10.

Levoit Classic LTF-F362-WUK Tower Fan, £89.99 (amazon.co.uk)