TWO brothers from a famous restaurant family have launched a new meal prep firm focusing on healthy food has launched in the Scottish capital.

Leandro and Alberto Crolla, of Vittoria Group, said Good Stuff has been created “to satisfy the appetite for quality food for wellness consumers to eat at home”.

The firm will offer “health-conscious customers simple, delicious, macro-counted meals prepared and cooked by professional chefs using seasonal ingredients”, it said.

It will offer customers “healthy food to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes” and the new online platform will launch with 16 meal options.

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Meals will be delivered weekly, along with any reheat instructions, to “make eating at home as simple, balanced, hassle-free, and delicious as possible”.

Meal options will be updated monthly, and delivered seven days a week to all EH postcodes.

Co-owner Leandro Crolla said: “Good Stuff provides a sustainable way of life by delivering the freshest and most nutritious meals to your door.

“All our meals are under 600 calories, prepared by our professional chef team in Edinburgh, delivered straight to your door and ready to eat in minutes.

“We want to help simplify your busy life or fuel your fitness journey with good food that tastes great and offers a healthy meal plan at least five days of the week.”

After extensive research and detailed analysis of the Edinburgh wellness communities, Good Stuff ready-made meals are designed for customers who want to get the most out of their fitness food. Customers are able to order bundles of five, ten or fifteen to encourage eating healthy at least five days of the week.

Each Good Stuff meal is prepared and packaged in branded boxes in the company’s Leith kitchens, which are equipped with "the most cutting-edge food storage technology". Each meal is portioned in cardboard containers, which are biodegradable.