Ahead of COP27 taking place in Egypt on November 6-18, four of the UK’s main red meat bodies have published a toolkit for the industry to support positive conversations throughout and beyond the conference.

Quality Meat Scotland, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Meat Promotion Wales and Livestock and Meat Commission have joined forces to collate a pack of materials to support the sector to form a common narrative on British livestock production and its place in a climate emergency.

QMS chief executive Sarah Millar, said: “It’s critical that as a sector we have a strong, recognised and cohesive voice in the debate around the climate emergency. Between our four organisations we have brought together our various insights to devise a toolkit to support all those in the red meat supply chain to have positive dialogue with those outside the industry. The aim is for us to communicate collectively as a sector to positively manage the reputation of red meat during and beyond COP27.

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“Tackling climate change and delivering sustainability at a holistic level is a much broader concept than the often singled-out issue of methane emissions. It’s about managing landscapes, the rural economy and infrastructure and delivering nutritious food for a healthy population.”

Market round-up

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,545 prime and cast sheep at Newton Stewart yesterday. The 988 prime lambs met a firmer trade on the week resulting in an improved averaged of 231p/kg (+9p). Top prices were £137 for heavy Texels and 253p/kg for a pen of Beltex. Mules peaked at £122 and 229p. Cast sheep were easier this week with a top price of £148 for a Texel tup. Top ewes were £136 for Suffolks with Mules to £94, while Blackfaces peaked at £75.

C&D Auction Marts held its weekly primestock sale in Dumfries yesterday.

Prime cattle sold to 300p/kg and 290p/kg for Limousin cross heifers, while Charolais cross heifers sold to 268p. One Angus bullock sold to 252p.

OTMs slipped a little this week. Top prices for beef types were £1443 for Aberdeen Angus and 180p for a British Blue.

Dairy types peaked at £1,175 or 145p for an Ayrshire. There were also 735 prime lambs that sold on an improved trade with best sorts in demand. The 291 lambs weighing (45.6kg- 52kg) averaged 232p and up to 260p.

Cast ewes and rams (469) were sharper this week if well fleshed but light ewes were harder to cash.

Top price for ewes was £120 for a Texel, while Blackfaces sold to £66.