A Glasgow-based cocktail brand has secured a space on supermarket shelves across Scotland eight years on from launching as a ‘secret’ pop-up bar.

Panther M*lk founder Paul Crawford will be a familiar face to some after an appearance on Dragons’ Den in March last year saw him share the globetrotting origins of the ‘world’s first’ ready-to-drink oat milk cocktail with the nation.

The story goes that as a former owner of Sub Club Mr Crawford frequently found himself travelling to music events in Barcelona where he discovered a local delicacy by the name of Leche De Pantera served at a late-night bar in the city’s Gothic Quarter.

Taking inspiration from the potent concoction of regular and condensed milk mixed with rum, gin and brandy, he would later introduce Glasgow to his own version of Panther M*lk with a speak-easy style set up in the neon-lit back rooms of Tabac on Mitchell Lane.

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After amassing a cult following within the city’s bar scene, the Panther M*lk brand was officially established in 2020 with a vision of creating a household name with their vegan-friendly take on the classic Spanish cocktail.

Little over a year since impressing Dragons’ Den sustainability investor Deborah Meaden with his TV pitch Mr Crawford has today revealed that the cocktail will be stocked at 40 Asda stores across Scotland in what has been described as a 'huge step' for his team.

The Herald:

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He said: “We are delighted to have worked with Asda to secure our first retail listing.

“It is a huge step for us.

“Being able to extend our sales onto supermarket shelves is a testament to the commitment of our small team of three staff, who are devoted to our brand.”

Ashley Connolly, local buying manager for Asda in Scotland, added: “We are thrilled to work with such an innovative and forward-thinking local brand and we’re really excited to welcome Panther M*lk to Asda with its first retail listing."