That sinking feeling

COATBRIDGE comic book writer Mark Millar is a superstar of the medium who is involved in producing movie versions of his stories. He also has a megabucks contract with streaming service Netflix.

But being a sensible Scottish lad, he retains some homely habits, as he admits on social media.

“First time I’ve done the London sleeper since they revamped it,” he reveals, “and delighted to see every room has a personal toilet as this saves me peeing in the sink and feeling bad about it.”

Meat and greet

PRINCE William delighted fast food aficionados when he served burgers from a London food truck. A Bishopbriggs reader says: “Is this in preparation for a reduction in the Civil List, meaning he can supplement his income by becoming our Burger King?”

Taking the pith

THE Diary understands our readers are busy people. That’s why we’re currently saving them time by discussing sporting pursuits and various games, though only in the pithiest way possible.

Reader Paul Travers gets in touch for a brief moment to explain the game of draughts.

“It is simply,” he says, “chess for chumps.”

In a pickle

SPORT continued. Melissa Henwood visited friends who live in Los Angeles. The Californian couple were extolling the delights of the Golden State, including sandy beaches and Hollywood superstars loitering on every corner.

But best of all there is - drum roll accompanied by heady air of expectation - pickleball.

Yes, indeedy. California’s greatest selling point is that loads of people play a game called pickleball, which is a variant of tennis, only sort of rubbish.

Says Melissa: “Regrettably the game doesn’t involve any actual fermenting in brine. I informed my Californian hosts that this is a great shame. For as anyone who has visited a chippy knows, everything is improved by a pickle.”

Sloshed citizen

VISITING a Mount Florida hostelry, reader Chris Roberts overheard a chap at a nearby table who was in a boozily boastful mood.

At one point he slurred: “Y’ know somethin’? I consider mysel’ a citizen of the world. I've even been tae Canadia.”

Plastic fantastic

WE’RE discussing the Barbie/Oppenheimer mash-up, with internet wags calling the phenomenon Barbenheimer.

Says Tom McLean from Torrance. “I believe there really is a connection, for I buried a Barbie doll in our compost heap, and the following morning there appeared a giant mushroom. Spooky or what?”


Munchies = moolah

“I’VE invented a new crisp flavour,” claims reader Linda Barr. “If they’re successful, I'll make a packet.”