What is it?

An affordable and adjustable office chair.

Good points?

The chair looks great and thanks to a mesh material that provides airflow and easy cleaning maintenance no dust collects on it. Visually, the EP200 strikes an elegant balance between modern design and ergonomic sensibilities. Its sleek lines, paired with a choice of colour options, make it a sophisticated addition to any office setup.

The ergonomic design gives proper support to the body’s contact points which makes it extremely comfortable while promoting good posture. I have been particularly impressed with the headrest that cradles the neck and head perfectly.

The chair boasts easy customisation options, ensuring that users can alter their seating experience to match unique comfort needs. This includes adjustable lumbar support that can be moved up and down to match your spine’s curvature with the turn of a knob.

Additional ergonomic features include height and angled headrest movement, reclining back and seat position adjustments.

Bad points?

The armrests tend to move angle with little coaxing which can be a bit frustrating. It would have been nice to have this locked with a release button.

Although physically assembling the chair is easy, the instructions are a little unclear in places due to the angles of the images in the manual which don’t show everything.

Best for ...

Professionals and remote workers looking for an office chair with stylish design, comfort, and functionality.

Avoid if ...

You require complete control of every angle to fit your individual curves as that’ll cost much more.

Score: 8/10.

Boulies EP200 Office Chair, £199.99 (boulies.co.uk)