What is it?

A budget-friendly audio solution that promises to elevate your gaming experience without breaking the bank.


Good points?

The Trust GXT 619 Thorne Soundbar is user-friendly, with a straightforward plug-and-play design that makes set up easy. Power comes from a USB cable, while sound is provided through a 3.5mm wired AUX connection.

Illuminated RGB (red, green and blue) lights add a touch of style to your gaming setup. You can choose from six modes and effects to match your mood or gaming ambiance. I particularly like the music setting which matches the audio’s beat.

Trust has designed the Thorne to fit comfortably under a monitor to save space while providing convenient access to control the unit. Its dimensions of 400 x 75 x 70 millimetres (15.7 x 3 x 2.7 inches) are compact and unobtrusive.

The twisty knob on the front enables you to adjust volume while the pressure sensitive pad on the top caters for mode changes.

Dual six-watt drivers peak at 12 watts to provide rich and balanced audio with explosions, dialogues, and background music that all come through with impressive clarity considering the low cost.


Bad points?

A lack of premium features such as Bluetooth connectivity may be a deal-breaker to those looking for a complete speaker that can be used on the move.


Best for ...

Anyone seeking a cheap, effective and versatile device to enhance audio from their TV or gaming systems while also looking stylish.


Avoid if ...

You are looking to replace dedicated music speakers with a soundbar as the tones will never be as clear and crisp especially at this price.


Score: 8/10.


Trust GXT 619 Thorne Soundbar, £22.98 (amazon.co.uk)