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In a week that has seen me vow to stop snacking, drink more water, and quit my long-term love affair with fruit gums, today I am focusing on The Herald’s food-related content as I offer up a menu of tasty editor’s picks.

First up, a long-standing staple with Herald food fans is our weekly restaurant review from Ron Mackenna. One of the finest critics in the country, I love the immediacy of his writing; the feeling the reader is dining with him in real time. It is fast-paced, detailed, exciting, and always funny.

On his latest outing, he headed to the wrong place, ending up – eventually – at the right place, where he sampled the ‘best kebab in Scotland’. But was it? I won’t spoil the outcome for you, but if you are looking for soggy and salty, this may be a table reservation you need to make.

Mackenna’s reviews are consistent performers for us, with our data showing high engagement and popularity with readers. It is no surprise to me, of course, as I believe they too enjoy the energy of his pieces, while valuing his culinary recommendations.

And so, with a clear appetite among our audience for food and drink content, during the summer we decided to offer more, introducing Sarah Campbell to the team, a specialist writer, to add to our content. Campbell offers a rich mix of food and drink news, interviews, and industry insight and I am excited about the impact she is having so far.

On Monday, breaking away from her usual specialist writing, she crossed into human interest news, reporting that shoppers in Glasgow had been queuing for more than 18 hours to be among the first in the new Popeyes restaurant.

Famous for its Louisiana Chicken Sandwich, the US fast-food giant, which launched in 1972, opened its doors at Barrhead Retail Park. And the crowds went wild, queuing from 4.30pm the day before to secure a spot (and a chicken sandwich).

The Herald:
Of course, many readers were left bemused and had a lot to say about this story. But in a week that has been dominated by hard news, lighter discussions over the merits of fast food, and indeed queuing many hours for it, were clearly welcomed as a distraction by some.

My last culinary related pick comes from writer Kevin McKenna, who travelled to Stranrear with photographer Colin Mearns to experience the town’s well-known Oyster Festival.

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A colourful, in-depth piece, I loved the detail and energy McKenna provided, capturing the feel of the event and what it means to the people in that part of Scotland. And I feel educated in all things oyster too, including the challenges facing this part of the fishing industry.

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Wherever you are dining this weekend, be it for a kebab, a chicken sandwich or some oysters, enjoy – and thank you for your support.

Catherine Salmond