What is it?

A portable yet powerful cordless vacuum cleaner.

Good points?

Harnessing the power of a 400-watt brushless motor the device produces 33kPa of suction. This ensures that even stubborn dirt and debris are quickly removed.

One of the standout features is its anti-tangle roller brush with hair-lifting groove. This prevents hair becoming wrapped around the roller brush, allowing the vacuum to run smoothly.

The five-stage HEPA filtration system is perfect for those concerned about air quality. It captures and traps dust, allergens, and fine particles, making it a reliable choice for those with allergies or asthma.

The digital LED display indicators are a convenient feature. It shows the battery level, suction mode, and blockage warnings giving you real-time information to manage cleaning tasks effectively. The one-press emptying button minimises the mess when it's time to empty the 1.2L dustbin.

With a maximum runtime of 60 minutes on a single charge, the Proscenic OptClean P12 offers extended cleaning sessions without the need to frequently recharge.

One of the unique aspects is the Vertect light with green detection headlights which can effectively highlight small particles that are invisible to the naked eye. This feature makings it an excellent choice for thorough and detailed cleaning.

Bad points?

The unit feels a tad bulky and can be awkward to hold in some aerial positions, such as when cleaning curtains.

Best for ...

Those looking for a value for money vacuum with all the latest mod cons.

Avoid if ...

You have a larger home with a lot of foot traffic as you’ll be making frequent trips to the bin emptying the vacuum.

Score: 8/10.

Proscenic OptClean P12 Cordless Vacuum, £219 (proscenic.com)